PBIF Administrative Documents

PBIF Meetings

Cairns, Australia (July 17, 2005)

The PBIF Interim Organizing Committee (IOC) met in conjunction with a Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI) meeting in Cairns, Australia. The IOC evaluated the status of the projects described during the Wellington meeting and sought opportunities to further the progress of the identified projects.

Wellington, New Zealand (October 8, 2004)

PBIF Members met for a project planning session at the 9th GBIF meeting in New Zealand. The PBIF Meeting was October 8 from 9am-4pm in the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa. Topics under discussion were defining and scoping initial projects for the development of PBIF, and identifying possible funding sources and partnership opportunities. Presentations were also given during the GTI meeting, October 9-11, regarding possible PBIF contributions to the GTI Programme of Work.

Wellington Presentations
View Fornwall PBIF Organization powerpoint presentation
View Fornwall PBIF Projects powerpoint presentation
View Lucie Rogo GEF Funding powerpoint presentation
View Richard Smith (BioNET Int’l) Taxonomy Case Study powerpoint presentation
View Michael Brown Cooperative Islands Initiative powerpoint presentation
View Don Robertson OBIS-Southwest Pacific powerpoint presentation
View Joel Miles Activities of the Coral Reef Research Foundation of Palau powerpoint presentation

Oaxaca, Mexico (May 1, 2004)

PBIF Members met for a planning session at the 8th GBIF meeting in Mexico. The PBIF Breakout session was May 1 from 8am-10:30am in El Coro Room of El Hotel Camino Real. Topics under discussion were defining and staging the development of PBIF. The organizing committee plans to meet in a side meeting during the GTI meeting in Wellington, New Zealand, in October 2004.

Tsukuba, Japan (Oct 4-10, 2003)

PBIF Members met for a breakout planning session at the 7th GBIF meeting in Tsukuba, Japan. PBIF held a workshop to determine interest and initial focus for PBIF. An interim organizing committee was formed to organize current committe efforts and identify PBIF’s area and topics of focus. It was decided that the Interim Organizing Committee should meetin at the 8th GBIF meeting in Oaxaca, Mexico in April, 2004 to plan the development of PBIF as an organization.

View Tsukuba Meeting Report (pdf)

Copenhagen, Denmark (July 25-31, 2003)

A very brief side meeting was convened at the GB6 meeting in Denmark to review progress and proposed next steps. Attendees reaffirmed their belief in the importance of a biodiversity information forum in the Pacific, decided that the proposed PBIF Workshop should proceed, and that it should be held as a side meeting at the Joint Forum meeting in Tsukuba, Japan in October.

Wailea, Maui, USA (July 24-27, 2002)

The Maui meeting was an informal gathering of interested parties to determine the need for and general framework of a Pacific regional biodiversity information network. It was determined that there is a need for such a network to support common biodiversity interests; provide a mechanism for regional cooperation; add clarity to the roles and relationships of the existing groups in the region, without duplicating them or their work; and help to identify the gaps in coverage that exist. It was also determined that the Pacific Biodiversity Information Forum should coordinate with global initiatives to help meet worldwide objectives.