The following list of PBIF projects was last updated in 2007 and may therefore be inaccurate:

List of PBIF Projects

Sub-Regional Inventory

  • The Sub-Regional Inventory charges scientists and taxonomist with surveying and recording the plants and animals of identified sub-regions within the Pacific Basin. The inventory hopes to identify regions of particularly rich biodiversity, assist Island Nations with National Biological Surveys and provide more in-depth information in support of the Pacific Biological Survey

Pacific Biological Survey

  • This project involves scientists and taxonomist surveying and recording the plants and animals of the Pacific Basin. The survey hopes to provide a baseline of knowledge for future biodiversity research and ecosystem management efforts.

In-Country Databases

  • Scientists and resource managers have been working in Pacific Island nations to develop collections of data to support research on those islands. This project seeks to make many of these databases available for the benefit of other Pacific Island nation researchers and managers.

Taxonomy Training

  • There is a need for trained taxonomists and field technicians with taxonomic training to assist in the identification of specimens gathered during surveys on Pacific Islands. This project helps to train field technicians and local taxonomists for field identifications and connect field researchers with off-site taxonomists for specialized identifications.