The Roundtable for Nature Conservation in the Pacific island Region is a growing coalition of conservation organizations and donor agencies created to increase effective conservation action in the Pacific Island Region. It was formed in 1997 at the request of Pacific Island countries and territories. It was to serve as a forum whereby organizations working on nature conservation in the Pacific could improve their collaboration and coordination to increase effective conservation action. In particular it is the coordination mechanism for the implementation of the Action Strategy for Nature Conservation in the Pacific Island Region 2003-2007.

The Roundtable’s mandate

To increase effective conservation action in the Pacific islands by: Fostering greater coordination and collaboration among national, regional and international organizations; Identifying critical gaps in the Action Strategy and developing new conservation activities in the region;

Communicating and linking with countries through NBSAPs or alternative processes to promote implementation and monitoring of the Action Strategy;

Strengthening linkages with CROP agencies to promote multi-sectoral mainstreaming at the regional level;

Strengthening linkages withRegional and national NGOs for more effective coordination; Countries through NBSAPs or alternative processes to promote the Action Strategy.

Strengths of the Roundtable

  • Only forum in which major regional players in conservation come together to discuss and develop new ways to address the main issues of nature conservation facing the Pacific islands.
  • Participation is totally voluntary and representatives regularly attend the Roundtable from international and regional NGOs, intergovernmental agencies and donor bodies.
  • Allows members to share expertise and learn from the experience of others.
  • Coordinates the activities of regional players and facilitates partnerships in activities of mutual interest.
  • There is a strong and growing commitment to the Roundtable from a core group of NGOs, donors, USP and SPREP.
  • Through the new monitoring and evaluation consultancy the Roundtable has the ability to understand how the region is tracking in terms of achieving its outcomes and is able to refine the targets in relation to the Action Strategy.
  • It has the official endorsement of all Pacific island governments and representatives from local and national Pacific island groups.

The Action Strategy for Nature Conservation in the Pacific Islands Region (2008 – 2012)

Endorsed by SPREP’s members, the Action Strategy highlights the priority concerns for conservation in the Pacific region, and outlines a roadmap for achieving the key goals.

The Action Strategy is reviewed every five years at the regional nature conservation conference series with regional, national and local stakeholders. The current Action Strategy represents the the emphasis on Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development which was identified as a priority by Pacific island leaders in 2007 at the 8th Conference of the Pacific Islands Roundtable on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas in October 2007.