Pacific Island Roundtable for Nature Conservation

The Working Groups are the most important tool of the Roundtable. The Working Groups are comprised of Roundtable members focused on achieving particular objectives of the Action Strategy. The Working Groups provide a forum for members to identify gaps in the Action Strategy, and develop collaborative activities to achieve Strategy objectives. The Working Groups select a Chair of each group, that acts as the coordinator who is responsible for liaising between the Roundtable management group and the Group’s members.

At each Roundtable the Working Groups are tasked with developing or revising their charter. These charters specify how and why the working groups work and are generally organized under the following:

  • Scope and Purpose/Desired outcomes
  • Specifics reasons for the working group existence and its focus.
  • Identifies the targets in the Action Strategy tracked by that group.
  • Expected Products
  • What specific outputs will the working group have?
  • Specific targets
  • Timeline
  • Communication methods
  • Membership and contact details

List of Roundtable Working Groups