Pacific Island Roundtable for Nature Conservation

Monitoring Working Group


(July 2009)
Scope and Purpose:
The working group has two aims:

  • Provide information management support to the operations of the Roundtable; and
    Desired outcomes:
  • Improved operations of the Roundtable.
  • An effective reporting mechanism for progress against the Principals for Nature Conservation of Action Strategy.

Back Ground:
The Roundtable has been in existence for ten years, a considerable amount of funding has been expended (est. $100m) and it is unclear what has been accomplished. Initial efforts at tracking progress evolved into monitoring the Action strategy for Nature Conservation in the Pacific Island Region, 2003 – 2007. The strategy presented very specific targets but too many in number. The recent 2008 Pacific Island Roundtable it was decided that we must start monitoring basic things – how we do conservation and report on that. In other words we will begin with a basic tenet that countries must own the conservation action, lead in its development and management while roundtable members concentrate on capacity building and providing technical support. The Monitoring Working Group then will work with the Roundtable participants to monitor the actions of the Roundtable and how these succeed from the country and community perspective.
Expected products:
Pacific Protected Areas Database;
Self-Report on compliance with the Performance Framework
Mailing lists for each working group;

The working group is committed to the Action Strategy and to support the operations and success of the Roundtable for Nature Conservation. A critical component in completion of the Action Strategy is an effective information system that provides data, information and information management capacity to the Roundtable. This can only be accomplished through collaboration with the other Roundtable working groups.
The working group is open to any member of the Round Table or other as appropriate.

Current Members:
Mark Fornwall, Working Group Chair
James Atherton, CI
Philip Cowan
Rhyn Davies, PBIF
Annette Lees
Etika Rupeni, Secretariat